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Mom and Daughter Day

Last week we went on a mom/daughter day. This is not a picture from that day, I forgot my camera and had to improvise. ┬áNatalie was so excited when we told her we were going. She wanted to know all about what happened on mom/daughter days and if they were really special. The day dawned and we had an agenda, […]

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Father’s Day

We spent Father’s Day at Siesta Keys Beach. It was beautiful. The sand is like sugar, the water is clear. It was a relaxing day with the tribe, just what Daddy needed. I feel blessed to have a husband who desires to be apart of all the area’s in our children’s lives. He is a wonderful example. I pray for […]

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A series of Unfortunate Events

One of the twins, Scooter, broke Tres leg the last week of May. I still can NOT believe it. Tres, Jordan, and the other million boys in our neighborhood were playing at the park across the street. Jordan runs in the house and says, “Tres is hurt.” I knew it was not good due to the moisture build up around […]