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Bellagio B&B

The Bellagio is an area that is very touristy and congested which made us appreciate the  quiet spaces of our bed and breakfast. It was located in a secluded area of Lake Como with gorgeous views of the mountains around us. Mo and I had a blast exploring the open roads and hills around our B&B. Pauola, the sweet Colombian […]

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Lake Como

From Milan we took a train, then a ferry across Lake Como. When I say take your breath away views, I am not exaggerating.  There is nothing more beautiful then when mountains collide with the deepest of blue waters. The sunsets were surreal. We rode the ferry to where we were staying near the Bellagio. One sketchy moment was when […]

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  We were ENAMORED by Milan.  The richness of the architecture and the beauty in every little detail from the simple designs of homes to intricacies of monuments.  I loved that there was color everywhere. Blooming flowers overflowed off  windowsills and whether I was looking at the floor, wall or ceilings there was touches of an artist hue in every […]

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The Road to Milan

We finally made it to Milan following thirteen hours on planes, a train and a taxi. We initially landed in Zurich and explored for a few hours waiting on the train that would take us into Italy.  Right away we ran into our first “we’re not in Kansas anymore” moment. Mo had to go to the bathroom.  Once we found […]

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Whenever we have an opportunity to utilize a work trip for togetherness time we take it! The hubby had some visits to make in New York which was right up my alley. We stayed in the heart of Manhattan which added its own extra flavor to the excursion. Speaking of flavor, to all my fellow cheesecake junkies, I have one […]