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Intentionally God's 6


I didn’t want hominy again.  In fact I felt like if I had to eat one more bite I would vomit. At nine, I did not realize the reasons behind the third day of having to eat the yellow, round kernels of grit I was trying to focus on chewing and swallowing. I was just tired of it.  I wanted […]

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Peace and Love kinda day

Kobe and I took Mo coffee at work and got an impromptu tour of the area he was training in. Kobe loved getting to see his dad in action. On the way back to the hotel we picked up donuts from Peace, Love and Lots of Donuts. The owner Isabelle was a delight to talk to, we spent 20 minutes […]

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We stayed at the Residence Inn by Marriott because they are pet friendly. We spent most of our trip being lazy in the hotel. It was my favorite.  Days of rest and togetherness, it’s all I needed.

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God is in Our Stories

I am not sure when I first learned about God. I have no memories that exclude Him. Though I was raised in church from an infant that is not where I learned about the character and presence of Yahweh. It wasn’t from the Bible though I loved listening to the stories growing up and always won Bible trivia in vacation […]

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Hiking Adventures

This morning I got up and decided we needed some sun and exercise. I have been wanting to explore more of the state parks in our area. We went to Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Reserve. On the website it said it was open but the area along the river was closed off which was a bummer because that’s were the alligators […]

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Ambassadors Fall Showcase

Being selected to be apart of the Ambassador show choir has been the highlight of Natalie’s year. It has enriched her vocal training and increased her confidence not only as a vocalist but as a teammate. I am so proud of how she is constantly pushing herself to the next level and bravely walking into areas that are new and […]

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Happy Birthday Khyrie

Happy Birthday to my son-in love. He has had a great year, career wise, and in family, God is blessing! He has big dreams for the future and I look forward to watching him accomplish them. So proud of who he is as a young man, spouse and father.

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Wisdoms Removed

My Jordan is the most logical, serious guy in the tribe so whenever we can catch him in moments of silliness, it gives the rest of us great pleasure. It doesn’t happen often but when he had to get his wisdom teeth removed we knew we had prime opportunity to catch him in some funny moments. I was very impressed […]

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We Won’t Forget

Natalie’s choir took part in a memorial ceremony on 9/11. We will not forget. Prayers for our countries continued healing. For the families who lost loved ones. For the safety and protection of our country. For the men and women serving to protect. For love and peace to reign. In Jesus name. God bless America.