The trip back to our airport took much less time. Tori and I had to be up by 5:00 a.m. to catch the bus from New Jersey to New York. Once there we caught the express bus to La Gardia. The only damper was that it rained the whole time. So between standing at bus stops and running between streets we got soaked. Once we got to the airport we found out that a storm in Atlanta had caused massive layovers in New York. We had to wait in the ticket line 4.5 hours!!!! It was horrible. Again the commuters bonded together. People held spots so others could go to the bathroom and some volunteered to make food runs. The worst part was that we were right next to the first class line. Those in first class waited around 20 minutes for their check in. So while we stood in line hours with all the other normal people, we watched the snooty patooty people just breeze on through with there prada bags and Louis luggage, that sure helped my mood that day. All things ended on a good note though, after waiting forever Tori and I got upped to a first class flight getting home much earlier than we expected. We were very glad to say goodbye to New York after the hustle and bustle of those last 3 days. The experience was amazing, the adventures fun…and a little dangerous. I did find out one thing about myslef, I am not a big city kind of girl.

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