One of the twins, Scooter, broke Tres leg the last week of May. I still can NOT believe it. Tres, Jordan, and the other million boys in our neighborhood were playing at the park across the street. Jordan runs in the house and says, “Tres is hurt.” I knew it was not good due to the moisture build up around Jordan’s eyes. He is not one to be overly emotional. So I start to run. The story is that Scooter tried to run over one of the kids at the park with Tres chair, with Tres in it, by taking over the joystick(even though they are all well aware that no one is to touch it). Well, he missed the boy and ran Tres into the monkey bar pole. It hit Tres just below his patella and broke his Tibia. He wore a cast for 5 weeks. I do have to say that Scooter was extremely apologetic. He wrote Tres a letter and came over often to check on him, by the way, Scooter is 8. Of course my Tres hugged him and nodded that it was all right. He is completely healed now and back to going at break neck speeds in his chair. That’s my boy…pray for us.

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