Last week we went on a mom/daughter day. This is not a picture from that day, I forgot my camera and had to improvise.  Natalie was so excited when we told her we were going. She wanted to know all about what happened on mom/daughter days and if they were really special. The day dawned and we had an agenda, to find fourth of July outfits. We started out great, driving to the mall singing all the hate my boyfriend songs available in Tori’s Ipod. (its were she’s at right now) We actually enjoyed yelling Taylor Swift ‘Picture to Burn’ at the top of our lungs. With the energy from our Starbucks we started the mission. Two malls and I don’t know how many stores later, we found the outfits. Do you know how hard it is to find 5 cute, inexpensive, original, well made fourth of July outfit’s? Poor Natalie is just not up to our mission impossible mall encounters yet, she slept for 3 hours once we got home. I give her a few more years, she will be a pro.

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