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Happy Birthday Khyrie

Happy Birthday to my son-in love. He has had a great year, career wise, and in family, God is blessing! He has big dreams for the future and I look forward to watching him accomplish them. So proud of who he is as a young man, spouse and father.

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Birthday Breakfast

We made brunch for Tori’s birthday. The whole tribe (and a few adopted members) swarmed her home for a few hours. Ironically as I was thinking about what to say about my oldest I came across a draft in my blog that I had written for her birthday ten years ago. How crazy (and perfect) is time?! To my 16 […]

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Happy Birthday Victoria

To my kindhearted, analytical, creative and intelligent daughter. I love the fun we have on our many mission impossible shopping trips. I love that other people can see your heart. I love your singing voice, (where did that come from?) I love your patience with your siblings. I love how you love Jesus. I love when you sing me songs […]

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Jordan is 21

  It is never going to make sense, seeing my little’s become adults. Jordan has officially joined the ranks! The transition from teen to adult appeared smooth to me although he may tell a different story.  Jordan has always seemed like a young/old man to me. I remember holding him only a couple of hours after his birth and looking […]

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Sweet 16!

Jordan has not wanted a birthday party since he turned 10. He preferred getting more money or bigger presents and forgoing the party. (My wonderful introvert) This year he gave me […]