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Category: Proud Moments

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Piano Recital 2020

Normally the kids have their piano recital at USFs school of music. They sit on stage and play on a beautiful grande piano. This year we did zoom recitals. Amanda, their piano teacher came by a few days early to give Natalie her 5 year award. It was a sad moment when Kobe ran out of the house to greet […]

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This guy right here is the biggest dreamer you will ever meet. He has big, swiss mountain size dreams. He started writing rap lyrics at 19 as a way to fight through the emotions he had dealing with depression and a physical disability. His lyrics not only woke up something creatively beautiful in his soul they woke up us, as […]

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Ambassadors Fall Showcase

Being selected to be apart of the Ambassador show choir has been the highlight of Natalie’s year. It has enriched her vocal training and increased her confidence not only as a vocalist but as a teammate. I am so proud of how she is constantly pushing herself to the next level and bravely walking into areas that are new and […]

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Jordan is 21

  It is never going to make sense, seeing my little’s become adults. Jordan has officially joined the ranks! The transition from teen to adult appeared smooth to me although he may tell a different story.  Jordan has always seemed like a young/old man to me. I remember holding him only a couple of hours after his birth and looking […]

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The Interview

Tres had the opportunity to meet and interview Stevie Wonders instructor from his youth who is also a well know author. What a great way to be introduced to Stevie’s music.  We got him a CD and Mr. Wonder officially has a new fan.

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5th Grade Banquet

Jordan had his fifth grade banquet the last week of school. Maurice and I have noticed the new amount of interest he has in his appearance and it shined through while looking for his banquet outfit. He actually asked me to take him shopping! (a phrase normally only heard by his older sister) He critiqued everything and was happy when […]