Our first night of touring ended with a wild east bus adventure. We were so tired on the way back to the hotel and we missed our bus stop. It was about 10:30 p.m. After speaking with the bus driver he told us to get off, cross the street and catch the bus going back in the direction of our hotel.  Those directions sounded very reasonable to us. We followed his directions. At about 11:30 we started getting worried. We were in the middle of Jersey at a bus stop, we had no idea our exact location. Half an our later we see a bus comming, it was going the opposite direction. We run accross the street to meet it. The driver after hearing our story, informed us that the last bus going in the direction of our hotel stopped running at 10:30! He was the last bus on this particular route. He was nice enough to drop us off infront of a cab station. His picture is shown. I know its not great but I didnt have much time to snap it!

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