My baby girl turned 16 this year! I cannot believe how fast she has grown. We have been through soooo much together and seeing her become a little lady is such a gift. I am amazed at the depth in which she already sees the world. She is so sweet and immediately loving to those around her. She never holds any of herself back from her friends or family. I pray God preserve her purity and integrity. We were very excited about one of the gifts she received this year. Her grandpa Walker sent her money with two instructions. She could spend a specified amount on something for herself then she was to take the majority of it and sow it into whomever God instructs her to. My dad wanted her to see the power of the sown seed and the blessings that only God could give once it was planted. What an amazing lesson! So Tori has been praying and asking for God’s direction as to where it should be placed. Tori’s birthday gift from us was her trip to New York. We had such a great time together. I get very weepy when I begin to think about her embarking on adventures of her own through college and adult hood. Our trip together taught me one big thing…my daughter is very capable of making decisions and figuring out where she needs to be and what she should be doing. We would be in the middle of Times Square and Hillary and Tori would know exactly where we needed to go to get to our next destination. Jill and I would ask the girls, OK, now what. They navigated their way around quite impressively. Love you Tori, unconditionally and full heartily. If you ever lose your direction, always revert to God’s map.

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