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The Interview

Tres had the opportunity to meet and interview Stevie Wonders instructor from his youth who is also a well know author. What a great way to be introduced to Stevie’s music. ¬†We got him a CD and Mr. Wonder officially has a new fan.

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A Walk with Grandma

My step dad Booker surprised my mom and I on Mother’s Day by flying her here to visit. There was nothing more meaningfull to me than being able to spend Mother’s Day with my mom. She is the most determined woman I know. Growing up I never heard her complain about working 2 jobs and going to school and raising […]

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The Princess Party

Natalie had a princess party for her 5th birthday. Grandma Cheryl and I made cucumber sandwiches cut out in butterfly shapes along with brownie bites, lemon bars and strawberry fluffs. Everyone came dressed up in princess or diva wear. Victoria and Corina ran the Diva salon where the girls went to get their hair and nails done. The games were […]

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5th Grade Banquet

Jordan had his fifth grade banquet the last week of school. Maurice and I have noticed the new amount of interest he has in his appearance and it shined through while looking for his banquet outfit. He actually asked me to take him shopping! (a phrase normally only heard by his older sister) He critiqued everything and was happy when […]

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Tori and the Arts

Victoria told me that she was going to be receiving an award at school. I was so excited. What class would she get it in? I knew she was ranked pretty high in her class maybe it was for academics? She is also a great writer so that could be it too. I’m sitting in the auditorium waiting on her […]

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Natalie turns 5!

Most of the time our kids birthdays fall during the middle of the week. When that happens we usually have cake and ice cream on the day of the birthday with a birthday party to follow the next weekend. Natalie seemed to think when she turned five that the whole world should celebrate the whole week. She was allowed to […]

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Fort de Soto with Nan

The beach is by far our favorite family outing. Fort de Soto used to be an old naval forte but is now one of the top beaches in our area. Just getting to the beach seems to take an act of congress. All five kids have specific items that must be brought along. ie boogie boards, football, pails and shovels, […]

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A visit from Nan!

My sister-in-love Keanna (so stole that ingenius phrase from my friend Jen) came to visit us last week for spring break. We had such a good time together but it was waaay too short of a visit. We had not seen her in 8 months so it was a long overdo reunion. We are so very rich in family. I […]

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Gone Fishing

I know many of my family members are going to be quite shocked to see that I took the kids fishing. Let me give you the background story. We were walking along the pier at our favorite park when shouts came out from a couple near by. As we turned to look we see this man struggling to bring in […]

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The Potty Corner

There is only one developmental stage that I dread…potty training. I wish there was a potty training academy. A school where we could drop off our potty trainer for the day and by the time you picked them up…whala!, they were potty trained. There is WAY too much self exploration for me during this time. They are so impressed with […]

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// Natalie loves her creative dance class. This is her costume for the recital, it also comes with a veil. They are dancing to the song, “Going to the Chapel”.