This week was grandparents week and I could not let it go by without thanking our amazing circle of grandparents. As most of you know Maurice was 19 and I was 17 when we entered parenthood. It was a very scary time for both of us. Could we be good parents? Can we offer the kind of spiritual growth, educational needs, financial needs, and emotional needs that new parents in their 20’s and 30’s could offer? We did not want our family to be yet another sad statistic. Praise God we did not have to answer those questions alone. God made sure that what we were lacking was made readily and bountifully available by the grandparents. There was NEVER a moment in my children’s lives that we worried we would not have enough. Our assurance did not come from what we had but who we had. One of the positions I have had as a nurse is working with high risk teen moms. I grew so much working with those girls. I looked at their lives and prayed God would show me what I could do to impact them, to help them to make it on there own and be successful. As I spoke with them and heard their stories I realized there was one constant that, if unavailable, drastically reduced a positive outcome. The important element was family and social support. It did not matter how much money or education they had. If they had a good support system they would do well. God through his infinite grace, gave us the most Spirit filled, educated, and giving group of grandparents we would need to get us up and over every mountain that tried to block our path. I remember when Maurice and I got orders for Hawaii, we were so excited! As the days of packing got closer I felt an overwhelming sense of apprehension. I was leaving my support system, they had never been far away. I was reminded by a wise grandparent that they had already given us what we needed, the roots where already deep beneath the surface, we just needed to stand on what we had been taught…so we stood. Today, I want to thank God for the grandparents. I want each of you to know that every hug, piece of wisdom, stilling hand, book, CD, game, puzzle, soothing voice, monetary gift, card, word of encouragement and prayer has been greatly appreciated. You all were our foundation and I cannot tell you how much peace we have had knowing you were just a phone call away. I look at my beautiful babies and am SO grateful for all of you helping us to be better parents to them. We love you and miss you all. The Tribe

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