Victoria told me that she was going to be receiving an award at school. I was so excited. What class would she get it in? I knew she was ranked pretty high in her class maybe it was for academics? She is also a great writer so that could be it too. I’m sitting in the auditorium waiting on her name to be called, camera in hand. They announce the next award would be for academic recognition in the arts, and they called Tori’s name! Don’t get me wrong, I know she does very well in art class, I just did not know how well! I didn’t realize that her honors art class only consisted of her and one other student! Her teacher could not even give them the normal final exam because she did not know the answers to the test questions herself. They did a practicum exam instead. How did I miss how good she was in art? I do have a display case with the various pieces of pottery made by her, and I do recall our conversations about the items she was making. I don’t know how this creative gift flew out of my radar, but I do know this, I’m so proud of her! Seeing her get the award reminded me that even though my kids seem to have talent in specific areas, I should keep my mind and theirs open to explore outside of those zones I inadvertently put them in. Thank God Tori figured that one out on her own!

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