Most of the time our kids birthdays fall during the middle of the week. When that happens we usually have cake and ice cream on the day of the birthday with a birthday party to follow the next weekend. Natalie seemed to think when she turned five that the whole world should celebrate the whole week. She was allowed to pick out her birthday outfit which is the one you see here in the pictures. She wore her tiara and dress to preschool, the grocery store, and every where else we went that day. Everyone who seen Natalie on May 8 knew it was a special day. She is deep into the barbie phase so we decided to get her a barbie house. We got up (the whole family) at 6:00 a.m. to wake her up for her surprise. We had to do it early because daddy wanted to see her reaction before he left for work. So there we all were, gathered around her bed, excited about her waking up. She sits up in bed, looks at the house, and states “that is so nice.” I have to say we were all a little disappointed. I wanted jumping up and down, shrills of excitement. After about 15 minutes to digest it all she gave the reaction I was waiting for, “this is the best present I have ever had in my whole life!” Later on that day my mom flew in which was the icing on the cake. She got to be here for Natalies princess party that weekend. We made cucumber sandwiches cut out in the shapes of butterflies and filled my tea cart with dainty deserts. We all dressed up like princesses including the guest and their moms! Natalie wore a Little Mermaid Costume she recieved from grandma Melinda. We had the best time! I will post pictures of the party soon.

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