I know many of my family members are going to be quite shocked to see that I took the kids fishing. Let me give you the background story. We were walking along the pier at our favorite park when shouts came out from a couple near by. As we turned to look we see this man struggling to bring in his fishing line. We sat in awe at the drama of the struggle between man and fish. Once that 8 lb. catfish was pulled from the water and thrown on the pier in front of my kids feet the stage had been set. “Mom, lets get some fishing poles! “and “Mom, spring break starts tomorrow, lets go fishing.” All I could think about was who was going to bait the pole and what in the world were we going to do with a fish if we caught one. But for the sake of the team, we bought fishing poles, squid for bait, and headed down to the pier. Suprisingly, baiting the hook wasn’t so bad. Unfortunately we did not catch any fish. There were 2 incidents were our fishing lines were broken by fish who took the hook and bait right of the line, and once Jordan had a fish but we lost him during the reel in process. No sad faces found here though. They were excited about the near hits and were already talking about the next outing. Natalie and Kobe were a little bored through the quiet moments until they met a new friend. T-bone the scraggly haired dog . There is one thing I will change with our next trip. I spent the whole day hovering over Nat and Kobe because they kept getting too close to the water. Even with Tiffany there to help I was nervous. We will definitely be packing their life jackets on our next go round.

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