My step dad Booker surprised my mom and I on Mother’s Day by flying her here to visit. There was nothing more meaningfull to me than being able to spend Mother’s Day with my mom. She is the most determined woman I know. Growing up I never heard her complain about working 2 jobs and going to school and raising 3 kids. Now as I raise my own children I realize the extint of how much she did for us I. One day as I grumbled about paying for the kids activities I asked her how in the world she did it. She said, “I just did what I knew had to be done.” Whether that meant working extra to pay for my cheerleading, Christmas or birthdays. I come from a line of amazingly strong women. My grandma, my mom, my aunts, have all been examples to me. I honestly can say growing up I don’t remember one person saying I quit, or I can’t. I know that besides the grace of God, that spirit is what has gotten me through to where I am know and will help me face whatever is ahead. I pray I can be the same example for my children.

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