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Day 4

Days seem so long in the hospital. Its impossible to get a good nights sleep with the constant interruptions. I completely understand the medical staff have to do their jobs. I used to be the one waking people up for assessments. Understanding the need doesn’t help when we’re walking around like zombies through the day. Still I am blessed that […]

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A New Back…day 1

We have been preparing since May for the impending surgery to correct Tres scoliosis. Even though he has been through multiple orthopedic surgeries I have been dreading this one.  He has been counting down the days.  His back has been causing him so much pain he could barely tolerate more than a few hours in his wheel chair.  Per my […]

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A New Blog Site!

Ok family and friends, I have officially switched my blog over to word press. Thank you so much for being patient and I am hoping to be able to keep you updated frequently on the life and times of The Tribe! I am still in the process of moving and editing old stuff and getting it over to WordPress. If […]

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I can get used to this!

My 18-year-old is completing his required number of driving hours to be able to get his license.  I am using his requirement to my advantage.  He has been driving me around quite a bit lately.  He has such high expectations of himself and gets frustrated with not making the smoothest stop or perfectly parking in between the lines.  I often […]

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We added robotics to our home school schedule this year. Kobe is having such a great time and literally rushes through his mornings with anticipation of getting to class. The teacher calls herself a “boy teacher” and brings much excitement and hands on learning. The focus is on building Lego models with working motors and sensors and then using software […]

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After going through heartache in second and third grade over writing I never thought we would get to a place where Kobe enjoyed the writing process.  It has not happened over night but here we are.  The first step was finding a teaching strategy that would allow him to plan out the writing process in a way he could understand. […]