The Bellagio is an area that is very touristy and congested which made us appreciate the  quiet spaces of our bed and breakfast. It was located in a secluded area of Lake Como with gorgeous views of the mountains around us. Mo and I had a blast exploring the open roads and hills around our B&B. Pauola, the sweet Colombian hostess who managed the rooms was a gracious host and made sure we were comfortable and that all our needs were met. Small touches like providing a late night snack of local meat, cheeses and wine, the use of laundry machines, offering to pick us up after bus routes had closed and providing a desperately needed after hours latte macchiato to help me finish a work deadline added up to a personalized stay in a space set aside just for us. Pauola even gave us her personal cell so we could call anytime we had questions while exploring. I am thankful we chose a B&B over a hotel and will never forgot the time we spent there.

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