This guy right here is the biggest dreamer you will ever meet. He has big, swiss mountain size dreams. He started writing rap lyrics at 19 as a way to fight through the emotions he had dealing with depression and a physical disability. His lyrics not only woke up something creatively beautiful in his soul they woke up us, as his family as well. We had no idea the demons he was fighting alone inside his head. It wasn’t until his song’s came pouring out that we were able to truly see who he was on the inside. I am still in awe of who he is. His tenacity to battle and faith to remain persistent in pursuing his dreams inspires everyone who meets him.

One HUGE dream just came true. An artist, Brian Johnson, brought one of Tres song’s to life. We as his family are cheering loudly from the sidelines as Tres continues to move into who he was created to be. An Overcommer.

Visit Tres on Instagram @unknown_overcommer

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