I walked the beach today. My knee protested the attempt of a run. Ahmaud shares a birthday with my Natalie. As we celebrated her I couldn’t help thinking about his mama. How heartbreaking this day has been for her. In my sadness though I have new hope. Hope with the arrest. Hope in the prominent Christian leaders who have chosen to break the silence and choose to stand with the African American community and demand justice. Choose to care about our sons. Honestly I have struggled for a few years with the community of Christ followers who say we are all one yet stay silent in the face of injustice. The silence equaled the value placed. Love is an action. But today is a new day. Leaders who I can follow are saying we see you and we will fight next to you. They are showing what community looks like. What being brothers and sisters in the faith looks like. They are being Jesus to us in a time we desperately needed to see Him. Love will win. Justice will be served. We are not alone. #IRunWithMaud

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