20181019_153602120181019_15371620181019_15383920181019_153845120181019_175646120181020_14251120181020_142515120181020_14200320181020_145247120181020_145506120181020_145651120181020_150316120181020_15541020181020_155425From Milan we took a train, then a ferry across Lake Como. When I say take your breath away views, I am not exaggerating.  There is nothing more beautiful then when mountains collide with the deepest of blue waters. The sunsets were surreal. We rode the ferry to where we were staying near the Bellagio. One sketchy moment was when we had initially gotten across the lake and had to find a taxi to get to our bed and breakfast. There was a Mercedes parked in the Taxi designated area. The driver ushered us over and assured us he could get us to where we were going. I was skeptical. One, he had friends setting across from us at a nearby bar heckling him about giving us a ride and two, he was driving a beautiful Mercedes for goodness sake, was he really a taxi driver? We hopped in the back seat and My Word the man drove worse than my hubby in city traffic and had what I am guessing is the Italian version of some serious road rage. I am so glad I didn’t understand most of what he said. We did make it safely to our bed and breakfast.

We did most of our exploring of the area on foot. The landscape was beautiful. It was harrowing walking along the roadways, many did not have walking paths so we basically shared the road with the drivers. The areas that did have designated walk ways literally just had a painted line that separated walkers from drivers. Good times.

The Bellagio area has villas, churches and palaces that you can get to by ferry.  The dining was relaxed and many of the restaurants where along the lake. Mo and I both had meals that included fresh fish from the area. There were many small boutiques and shopping opportunities in the heart of the towns square.  For movie lovers, Lake Como was the setting for Star Wars episode II, Oceans Twelve and John Legend’s “All of Me” video. (I know my kids will be impressed).


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