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Game On!

The Hunt family has quickly become very dear friends.  Besides walking through the serious issues we face daily in the education system that come with having differently abled children, we […]

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Mom and Daughter Day

Last week we went on a mom/daughter day. This is not a picture from that day, I forgot my camera and had to improvise.  Natalie was so excited when we told her we were going. She wanted to know all about what happened on mom/daughter days and if they were really special. The day dawned and we had an agenda, […]

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A Walk with Grandma

My step dad Booker surprised my mom and I on Mother’s Day by flying her here to visit. There was nothing more meaningfull to me than being able to spend Mother’s Day with my mom. She is the most determined woman I know. Growing up I never heard her complain about working 2 jobs and going to school and raising […]

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Natalie turns 5!

Most of the time our kids birthdays fall during the middle of the week. When that happens we usually have cake and ice cream on the day of the birthday with a birthday party to follow the next weekend. Natalie seemed to think when she turned five that the whole world should celebrate the whole week. She was allowed to […]

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The Potty Corner

There is only one developmental stage that I dread…potty training. I wish there was a potty training academy. A school where we could drop off our potty trainer for the day and by the time you picked them up…whala!, they were potty trained. There is WAY too much self exploration for me during this time. They are so impressed with […]

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Easter Morning

The kids woke up to goodies in their baskets. The boys were especially excited, their Easter gift was a leopard gecko. He (the gecko) was very shy with his big new family and stayed hidden under his branch. We will post pics of our newest member soon.