Days seem so long in the hospital. It’s impossible to get a good nights sleep
with the constant interruptions. I completely understand the medical staff have to do their jobs. I used to be the one waking people up for assessments. Understanding the need doesn’t help when we’re walking around like zombies through the day. Still I am blessed that my hubby is able to alternate nights with me. We have our own change of shift/giving report routine. Tres pain is better in his back but now he is having pounding headaches. Praying for balance to be restored in his poor overtaxed body. Family dropping by to visit has seemed to help take his mind off of feeling cooped up and lifted his spirits a bit. Cousin Tab and Journey stopped by with his favorite gummy bears. Tori, Khyre and baby Makena also came to hang out. Makena has a knack for bringing joy in the door with her and Tres was all smiles as she set in his bed and played with him. It’s still not home but having visitors makes the days bearable.

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