Giving you an update on how Tori’s first semester of college went. Living in the dorms with girls from much different backgrounds was an interesting transition but she adapted and gets along well with her roommates. She got through her first experience with finals week and survived on little sleep and Starbucks. She did well on her exams and finished the semester with 4 A’s and 1 B. She wanted me to be specific on the grades. lol She joined InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and now leads a bible study at the school. She is extremely excited to be going on a missions trip to Mexico this summer. Her major is psychology and she wants to get her Masters in Applied Behavioral Analysis. ABA therapist work with children who are autistic. She has three families that she babysits for that have children who are autistic and feels this is the area she is being called to. We are very proud of our college girl. Go Tori!


  1. WOW-Such an amazing girl you raised! I only met her a handful of times but every single time I was so impressed at what an incredible young lady she is. Always smiled at me and said hello, such a loving older sister and daughter,a very talented bow maker:D , and not to forget gorgeous, just like her mama! What a wonderful, Christ-centered, family you have and I am so blessed to know you!!


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