Mangrove tree crabs

Salt on the Mangrove tree leaves

We visited a state park near our home called Weedon Island Preserve with cousin Tabitha and Journey and my friend Kiesha and her children. It is a great place to learn about the native plants and animals in Florida. They had trails and boardwalks that made it easy for Tres to get around in his chair. It was a hot day and we only had a few hours to explore. I can’t wait to take the kids back. While we were eating lunch we seen people in canoe’s go bye and the kids stood at the edge of the water shouting greetings to them. The ground is covered in foliage which made for excitement when you would see grass move and knew something was crawling underneath. Here are the highlights of the trip.

1. Tasting the salt from the leaves of Mangrove trees

2. Watching the huge Mangrove tree crabs that looked like spiders.

3. Learning that animal poop is called scat. (and using the term all day…..)

4. Looking for the different types of animal prints

5. Watching the pools of fish swim under the pier

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