Maurice and I were blessed to be able to go back to Nassau for our wedding anniversary. 17 years and counting. We absolutely love cruises. We have just as much fun together running around on the boat as we do on the island. We have been there a few times so this trip was less touring and more relaxing. We did go on an excursion to The Blue Lagoon. This is were the movie was filmed with Brooke Shields. I was expecting a natural island experience but it was very touristy and the areas that were secluded where taped off. We did have fun watching the dolphins and relaxing on the hammocks. The people we meet on our cruises are always interesting and we had great conversations with people who live all over the world. Some of the most interesting was the wisdom filled bar attendant from Jamaica who had been married over 50 years, the very educated sisters who live in Boston but were raised in Haiti, and our entertainment director from Croatia. I am so grateful for the time we had to be stress free and worry free for four full days.

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