Jordan had an orchestra performance before the Christmas break. He has chosen for the past 3 years to play the violin in the schools orchestra. I think it is a safe way for him to perform without having to stand out. Even the mention of public speaking makes him sweat. He is the most comfortable on a field or court. The night went well and I am glad he has found a way to use music that fits within his comfort zone. Playing the violin has opened up his interest in other music genres. He listens to a song and tells me what string instruments he hears and we can discuss what genre its in and what he thinks about it. Exciting for a kid that is not known for his enjoyment of lengthy conversation. lol. A new first this year was playing on the drum line…which he really enjoys. For children who are not as verbal with their emotions or feelings I think music is one of the best ways to teach them how to express themselves. Keep it going bub.

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