Putting the Christmas tree up takes me forevever. I enjoy all the memories that each ornament brings back. Sweet handmade cutouts with the kids pics in them that they made in school are displayed in all shapes and sizes. Many came from my grandma Eagle, she has faithfully sent one for each of us every year. There is the green and red plaid ones Tori and I spent a whole night making back when I was newly out of nursing school. Wooden ones from my good friend Robby in Hawaii. Lastly the ones I got in 1993 at our first base. A sweet retired neighbor was making them outside at the apt. complex we were staying at. Gorgeous snowflakes she had crochet by hand. My tree makes me happy. I love putting the tree together with the hubbster and kids. Tori made it clear that we were not to put the tree up without her. I normally put the tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving. We waited until she came home for Christmas break. Fine with me, it wouldn’t have felt right with out her.

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