Going to my dads house is always an adventure. This visit was no different. We get there and he is so excited to show me some medical equipment he bought at an auction. Found out that if I ever need any kind of orthopedic hardware for a fractured hip or gosh forbid brain surgery I can just call dad for supplies. LOL We joke that no matter what we need he probably has it in one of his sheds. When it comes to food my dad can smoke, barbecue or fry anyone under the table. One memorable dinner we were chowing on what we thought was barbecued beef. Half way through my second burger my dad says, “You would never think a big smelly bird could taste that good.” Uuummmm, bird? He procedes to tell us that we were eating ostrich. Now when we go to eat we question what animal it came from. During this visit he had prepared our favorite….ribs. I wish we had pics because we did take them. Dad gave Tori his camera he used when he was deep into photagraphy. When she had the film develped none of the pics came out. 😦

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