CAUTION:  there are a ton of pics. Tres graduated from high school. That was not the surprise.  He worked his butt off to be on the honor roll and roll across that stage.  My cup was overflowing as I watched the amazing response Tres received from his peers when his name was called.  I will never forget that standing ovation.  I will never forget the crowd.  For those of you who don’t know Tres story or how hard he has worked feel free to look back at his struggle.

These are the words Tres big sister wrote about him on graduation day.  That is also her mouth you here in the background of the video linked above.

I am so proud of my brother Tres Whitlock and my parents Tonya and Maurice Whitlock. It hasn’t been easy navigating the public and private school systems and countless meetings, research, and IEP’s. It’s been a dance of getting knocked down and always getting back up. Tres was the only student to get a standing ovation from everyone in the building as his name was announced at graduation tonight. What a testimony to the man you are! I love you so much! You are more than an overcomer and I’m so proud to be your sister.We are all so proud and amazed by you Tres Whitlock a.k.a. Mr. Overcomer. #graduation #advocacy #disabilityrights #overcomer #nonverbal #wheelchair

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