It is never going to make sense, seeing my little’s become adults. Jordan has officially joined the ranks! The transition from teen to adult appeared smooth to me although he may tell a different story.  Jordan has always seemed like a young/old man to me. I remember holding him only a couple of hours after his birth and looking in to his alert brown eyes and his dad saying, “He acts like he has been here before.”

He is quiet but attentive and hard working. When he was home he would be the one to remind me to grab a key or not forget to lock a door. He is loyal and dependable. I am so grateful for the strength and steadiness of his natural logic led rhythm. Being a full time student and having an almost full time job is difficult to juggle but he has navigated well. I am so proud of him. Praying God continues to bless his steps and showers favor over all of his future endeavors.

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