Jordan has not wanted a birthday party since he turned 10. He preferred getting more money or bigger presents and forgoing the party. (My wonderful introvert) This year he gave me permission to throw him one, Whoop Whoop! He laughed, smiled and danced the day away. I had fun just watching him have a great time.  He chose to go to Kobe’s Japanese Restaurant for his birthday dinner.  When the kids turn 16 they get to choose a place they want to visit.  Victoria chose New York and Tres chose a WWE event in Atlanta.  Jordan is still undecided
but I’m trying to influence him towards the direction of a tropical island.  He has grown into an amazing young man.  He is respectful and really listens to advice.  A teachable heart is a huge asset for a young man just starting on his journey of adult hood.  I love talking with him and listening to insights he has on a particular book or movie. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for his life.  He will change the world in his way I have no doubt.

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