We made brunch for Tori’s birthday. The whole tribe (and a few adopted members) swarmed her home for a few hours. Ironically as I was thinking about what to say about my oldest I came across a draft in my blog that I had written for her birthday ten years ago. How crazy (and perfect) is time?!

To my 16 year old Tori:

To my kindhearted, analytical, creative and intelligent daughter.
I love the fun we have on our many mission impossible shopping trips.
I love that other people can see your heart.
I love your singing voice, (where did that come from?)
I love your patience with your siblings.
I love how you love Jesus.
I love when you sing me songs on your guitar.
I love that you can now do grocery runs for me.
I love how you worry about me being able to handle your upcoming college journey.
I love how brave you are among your peers when standing for whats right.
I love our shared love of sushi.
I love how you seem to see a person’s heart before you see the person.
I love the shared cheer moments at your football games.
I love how you can take my boring projects and turn them into masterpieces. (how do u do it?)
I love our ” I’ve had a bad day” ice cream shoppette trips.

I love how the spontaneous hugs have drastically increased this year.

To my 26 year old Tori:

I love how your love of Jesus has only gotten richer and deeper over time.

I love how your love of people has made you bolder to speak in love for what is right and Just.

I love how you still care for your siblings and watch out for them, even in the midst of raising your own tribe.

I love that you are STILL turning my creative ideas into masterpieces.

I love that in 10 years you have only gotten better and the girl you were at 16 created the wife, momma and woman of God you are now.

I love how you love.

I can’t wait to see what God has in the next 10 years.

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