My firstborn baby turned 21 today. How ridiculously crazy is that! I know people always say “it goes so fast!” It does! Too fast. If I allowed myself I could get quite overwhelmed with the reality of the unstoppable clock of time. I am just reminded to hug often, listen whenever I get the chance to, embrace her in all of who she is, because time will not stop for me.  Her life, her heart, has blessed me since the day she was born. I take joy in watching her spread her wings and walk into all that God has created her to be. For her birthday Maurice and I met her for lunch. Our cousin Latrice was there which is good because she kept her company until we showed up an hour late. (We went to the wrong restaurant, another story in and of itself.. lol) For her birthday she will be taking a cruise to the Bahamas.  I may try to sneak in her luggage.  I pray God’s blessing on this year and her continued obedience to His direction.

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