Our 4th of July parties have been getting bigger and bigger with each passing year.  I suggested to Mo this year that instead of doing our own party we should rent a room near the beach and watch the cities fireworks while sitting on the sand with the breeze of the ocean keeping us cool.  I love how beautiful the water reflects each burst of light.  Plus, to be honest I wanted to be lazy and not have to clean or prepare for company.  Well, you would have thought I told my husband we should cancel Christmas the way he responded to my request.  I think I even caught a tear. LOL. The man LOVES blowing up fireworks. The bigger the box the better. Of course just as I suspected this years party was bigger than the last few years.  As I watched the little hands all across my yard filled with sparklers I couldn’t help but feel extremely grateful for the abundance of friends and family I have been blessed to live life with. The memory of the bright eyes and happy face smiles of the neighborhood kidos made clean up duty that night a little easier to deal with. Happy Independence Day America! #fourthofjuly #fireworks #family

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