For our 20th wedding anniversary we decided to treat ourselves to a cruise. Our GIGANTIC ship the Allure of the Seas swept us away for 7 days of bliss.  I am not sure if I have ever been more relaxed. We went to the Bahamas, St. Maarten and St. Thomas.  Each Island is a blog in itself.  I loved St. Maarten the most. The tangle of French and Dutch culture was so interesting.  We ate at a French Bakery for breakfast and I had quiche that melted in my mouth.  I am sure some of it landed on my hips as well.  We took a crazy bus tour up the side of a mountain which would have been beautiful if it were not for the missing guard rails for protection.  Instead of lush land I seen death at every turn. It was pure terror. Of course Mo was hanging off the sides trying to get the best pictures and having the time of his life.  We met the kindest taxi driver who drove us all around the Island and took us to where the locals ate for lunch.  Even that was an adventure.  We realized about 5 minutes after driving away from the restaurant headed back towards the ship that Mo had left our back pack with all of our id’s and money in the booth we had been sitting in.  The taxi driver obviously did not have much faith in his fellow people because his U turn and accelerated speed to get back to the restaurant made my stomach turn.  Thankfully our bag and all its contents were right were we had left them.  The hubsters favorite spot was what the tourist called airplane beach. We stood and watched as 757’s landed right over the top of us on an airstrip literally almost touching the beach.  My favorite spot ironically was not on any Island.  It was on our balcony.  I sat for hours reading or listening to my Jesus music while watching the waves roll and the quiet envelop me. Woosa. It is still what I miss the most. #allureofthesea #royalcaribean #st.maarten #st.Thomas

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