Kobe had a great season of ball.  He played for the Pirates.  Normally he plays different sports throughout the year and when baseball season started he hadn’t touched a bat up until tryouts. He still did great and his batting average improved with each game.  It was a balance because he still had core fundamentals in fielding he had to work on.  When he would get disappointed in the outfield with missing a ball he would be that much more determined to hit as hard as he could when he was up to bat.  I think fielding was harder for him because of his ADD, although I did notice he was much more focused this year compared to last year. We also discovered that catching would be a great position to work him into.  He did well when it was his rotation as a catcher and that position forces constant connection with the game.  The picture above shows him receiving the game ball from his coach after going 4-4 in the game.  His team played great all season and they went all the way to the Championship game were they lost after an awesome battle and got second place over all.  Jordan has been working with him on his fielding and I am already excited for next season.

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