Tres and I spoke at a recent school board meeting about Inclusion. The current district that we live in typically has separate classrooms for children with disabilities. Tres has had to fight his whole life to prove his intelligence. He has always seen himself as a normal kid who happens to have a disability. Being forced into Exceptional Student Classrooms (ESE) and not being allowed to be in classes with typical students created depression, decreased self-esteem and afeeling of hopelessness. He would tell me often that he wanted to feel “normal.” This year we decided that he would. One step in helping him find his voice was speaking at the school board meeting. Hearing my son tell the room full of people to “Stop Judging Me” was profound. His courage in speaking his voice increased my resolve to make sure he was allowed to speak it. Every person has potential. Every person desires to have a purpose. Tres has taught me so much in the past few months. The most important lesson I think is that he NEEDS to feel and know that he is truly living life. Taking part in all the triumphs, failures, relationships, and monumental moments that life has to offer. He wants to LIVE. To view the article click here: Ollibean. #inclusion #disabilityrights

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