Amazing, God driven events have been unfolding in Tres education.  As I referred to here we have had some recent frustrations with a charter school we tried to get Tres enrolled in.  Good friends of ours were recently at a restaurant were they over heard a reporter discussing research that his company was doing on Charter Schools in Florida.  Our friends shared in the struggles their family as well as ours have had with Charter schools.  The journalist, John, was a reporter for NPR.  After getting our contact info he gave us a call and came over to interview us concerning our experiences with the charter school.  It was scary putting our story out and I have to say that the negative comments were hard to take.  Overall though the experience opened HUGE doors for Tres and I would do it again if need be.  If enough people understand the struggle families with disabilities have trying to get their children a good education, than maybe more will be done about it.  I know the story touched and affected many people because of the amazing amount of feedback and encouragement we received.  Many times during difficult situations I feel like I could shout until I am hoarse and no one would really hear me.  To have a national radio station desire to share our struggle and finally have a voice in the big world today still has me in awe.  I am so grateful to the people who do desire to give the world  motivation for change, especially when it comes to helping those who could not bring about those changes themselves. Below are the articles.

#inclusion #disabilityrights

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