Saturday we dug out the Christmas decorations and decorated our little fern that sits outside the door as well as the Christmas Tree.  Normally we have the tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving but Tori’s finals did not end until this week and she had no breathing room until they were over.  As the kids get older and take on more responsibilities it will be hard to set dates to decorate.   I have decided that we will start a new tradition next year of putting up the tree after Thanksgiving dinner while everyone is gathered together.  I pulled out the fondue set and we had way too many marshmallows, pretzels and strawberries dipped in chocolate.  That tradition is definitely a keeper.  The beautiful centerpiece above was a surprise I got in the mail from my mom.  She knows how much I love setting the table for the holidays.  The room seems so warm and inviting with the candle lit and the fresh flowers make the room smell wonderful!

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