Moving out of base housing was such an exhausting process.  Boxing up everyone’s items and still taking  into consideration things they would need during the last week in the house was trying.  Even with the best planning there was someone not happy at the end of the day.  We tried hard initially to make sure the boxes were organized by room but honestly that last day we had at least 4 boxes marked “stuff”!  We rented a U Haul thinking it would take us about 2 full days of going back and forth to get everything out of one house and into another.  Well, it actually took us 4 days to get everything moved.  I have never seen my husband work sooo darn hard.  I felt so bad because I could not keep up with him!  We did have the help of Keanna, Melinda, my cousin Tab and some of Maurice’s friends from work.  Even still there were nights that we were loading the Uhaul well past 1:00 am and unloading once we got to the house.  It was unreal.  I pray it never has to happen again!

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