The Tribe is moving it’s base of headquarters! We are very excited.  We have lived on base housing for the last 17 years.  Maurice is close to retirement and felt it was a safe time to buy our own house.  Yeah!  There are so many things we will miss about the base community.  Safety is high on the list.  The kids are sad about leaving schools and friends but our new home is not far and play dates are already getting set on the calendar.  We have read books about moving to Natalie and Kobe and are trying to prepare them for the process. I love how The Bernstein Bears have a book on any transition you could possibly think of.   We will not be as close to the water anymore, the nearest beach will be about 45 minutes away.  Sniff.  The compensation is that we will have a pool!  Lot’s of change is headed our way.  The sense of adventure is catching though and everyone is excited.

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