Kobe seen me heading out the door with my roller blades and ran to grab the old ones that have been in the garage since who knows when. Please, please, please could I teach him. Lookin at that face I didn’t feel quite so bad about forgoing my anticipated workout for a quick lesson. (or maybe I didn’t want to work out that badly 🙂 I learned how to roller blade by holding on to a baby stroller and going up and down the sidewalk until I felt steady on my feet and understood the stride needed to stay balanced. I pulled out our old stroller, grabbed a helmet and set him loose. After spending about 20 minutes behind the stroller he was brave enough to let go. Guess what? He had it! He was free wheelin after that. Natalie, seeing her brother’s success grabbed my blades and tried it out. My size 10 skates made things a tad bit harder but she caught on as well. We made it through the learning process with just a few falls and not one band aid. Big accomplishment for two kids who know the names of their favorite antiseptics in the medicine cabinet.

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