Victory is a small baptist church we were blessed to find two years ago. This weekend we attended the annual church picnic and I have to say it was an amazing way to welcome in the feel of spring. The weather was amazing. I am not sure there is any outside force that can still my spirit like the ocean. So much was happening I had a hard time getting my camera from one place to another. Tres and Jordan enjoyed playing chess and checkers with the teens. There was kick ball, volleyball, and dodge ball. Nat and Kobe had a blast playing with all the kids on the beach. We seen a family flying a kite next to our tables. I couldn’t remember the last time I had flew a kite. Why not? What an easy and cheap family activity. I made a mental tally to add that to the next family day. To my delight as the family was leaving they came up and asked if we would like to use the kite since they would not be back out to the beach for awhile. Yeah! We flew the kite, it was so exhilarating running to keep it up in the air. Standing in the sand, watching the sail boats go bye, hearing the laughs of my kids behind me…..priceless.

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