For some reason having Valentines on Monday threw me for a loop. It should have been easier since we had all weekend to decorate boxes for school and prepare treats. Nope, still felt discombobulated. I had to work and since I did not do my baking for the kids ahead of time…ahheemm, I had to try to get it done before they got home for school. The day ended well. Natalie and Kobe were soooo excited to get home and read through EVERY valentine. Natalie took each one personal, “Oh that’s so sweet of her!” or “Mom read this one, he even gave Me a tattoo.” Didn’t want to crush her by telling her everyone else probably got the same thing. LOL The heart brownies where a big hit as well as the Love bags filled with books and chocolate. My sweetheart was frustrated with me because I told him not to buy me anything. One, I like to pick out my own gifts…terrible I know, and two I am not a “I need a diamond” kind of girl. He ended up giving up on me and bringing me a dozen roses. How sweet is that!

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