Spring ball has started in full swing. Last year our major focus was on character. Not pouting when things don’t go your way. The outcomes that affect the team are more important than individual desires. Don’t give up on yourself when your on the mound. You can help set the tone to the mood of the dugout, etc. When the new season started we were ecstatic to see how much Jordan has stepped up in these areas. Team sports can be such powerful life lesson makers. I am still amazed and how much they learn and grow from being apart of organized sports. Here are some lessons we learned at the last ball game.
1. When eating sunflowers, you ONLY eat the seed.
2. You don’t put your hand out to cute dogs you don’t know….they may snap.
3. Don’t get excited after 6 innings and think the game is over…..there are 7 innings in Juniors. (he was in Majors)
4. Don’t scream and cheer for an ultra shy brother when he is up to bat….he gets annoyed.


  1. Personally, I think the shells are the best part of the sunflower seeds and younger sibling are suppose to annoy the older ones every chance they get =)


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