All through graduation week I kept thinking about that Dr. Seuss book. It just fit with my thoughts and feelings preparing for Tori’s big day. Pride at her accomplishments thus far. Excitement about all the possibilites and options she will have. Fear at knowing my time of being able to direct her is ending. I know my influence will still be important…but I will no longer have the last word. Confidence in knowing she was raised to make good decisions. Relief in all the family influence she has and knowing that she has many wisdom filled relatives to turn to. Faith that no matter what…God will guide her path. Praise that I have a family filled with power filled prayer warriors who are not afraid to tear down the goliaths that try to get in her path. Saddness for a season that is ending and won’t be back. Thankfullness to be allowed the gifted time to mold her into who she is and will be. May her roots stay deep and her wings grow wide.

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  1. I am so proud of Tori!! She is such a great kid..i mean young lady =) You and Maurice did a pretty good job for your first time around =) I can't wait to see what life has in store for her. I have no doubt that God has great things planned for Miss Victoria and that she WILL change the world =)


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