We all gathered after the graduation for a reception. There was tons of good food all prepared in love by the hands of our talented family chefs. I was so proud of myself up to this point for keeping my emotions under control and not shedding a tear. I have been preparing myself for about a year, knowing that this would probably be a hard day for me. All was well until Victoria played a slide show she had put together of her first years until know. Tissue? I needed a role of Brawny. It was just too much. The dam dried up only to break again when Maurice got up and said some heart felt words to Tori. As soon as he began to snifffle…well…I needed more tissue. Kobe was very concerned that something quite drastic had happened and was trying to soothe me as I was trying not to be embarrassingly so emotional. It was a wonderful time and I did eventually come through. Note to those who think they can pre prepare for graduation meltdowns….it doesn’t work. Notice now Tres man has joined the pics. He had an follow up appt. with his surgeon the day before graduation. His hip is healing well and the bone is solidly in place! He was still in quite a bit of pain but slowly getting back to his normal self.

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