Just before surgery
Day 3…visit from the sibs

Day 3…snuggle time with mom and dad

Yeah!! He is home!

Tres hip procedure came much earlier than expected. His doctor’s office called and said they could get him in within the week because of a cancellation! So excited…..and then …..stomach ache….surgery. I tried to push all the risk associated with the procedure in the back of my mind. Of course as usual I had bad dreams. The night before I couldn’t sleep. His pain will be gone, that’s the focus. If I could just put a mute button on my brain! Our pastor came to pray with Tres before they took him to the OR. It was such a blessing to have him there.  His shared verses and prayer settled Tres spirit as well as my own. Then there was the 3 hour wait.  Praise God the surgery went well but then poor Tres had to deal with all the pain.  It was all just so much. A week later he is starting to be himself again. He is wearing a brace that keeps his legs abducted yet impossible to stay comfortable in. He is still having moments of pain, but he is getting through. Thank you to all our sweet family and friends for your prayers,
words of encouragement and visits. Please continue to keep him in prayer.

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