The Kuna Indians from Panama visited our Church and we were blessed to have 3 wonderful women stay overnight with us. What a great experience! They are here to educate the church’s of America on their mission to outreach to their people and spread the word of God in their country. They are working on translating the old testament into their native language. The average pastor makes about $30 a month. They live in a very remote part of Panama. Much of the terrain is undrivable and they walk to many of their destinations. I love that they wear the traditional garments of the original tribes. They are a strong, proud people. We had quite a few hilarious moments when I tried to use the meager amount of spanish I knew to communicate. We ended up bringing out the lap top and using a spanish conversion program to translate for us. I hope we are honored with many other opportunities to open our home to those in the field serving our Lord.

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